isometric exercise equipment

Isometrics build muscle fast!!

I stumbled onto isometric training purely by accident.  I’m primarily a martial artist and was looking at ways of increasing my strength so that I could dominate larger opponents.  I had tried various exercises involving barbells and dumbbells. However, despite numerous months of training, I felt my grappling strength hadn’t necessarily increased.  It was after …

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chain punching drills

Chain Punching Drills

What is chain punching? Chain punching is one of Wing Chun’s brutally effective punching techniques.  It consists of straight line punches, done in quick succession, that target the opponent’s centreline.  Typically they are aimed at the sternum region and focus on hitting this area over and over again.  I’ve outlined the chain punching drills I’ve …

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highest rank in martial arts

Highest Rank in Martial Arts

What is the highest rank in martial arts?  The drop out rate in martial arts is quite high: individuals may become injured and no longer able to practice;  they may lose interest or other commitments interfere with regular training. Whatever the reason, very few individuals end up obtaining the coveted black belt (or dan grade). …

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Best martial art for smaller guy

Best martial arts for small guys

Just because you might be of a smaller than average stature there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to defend yourself against a larger opponent. My recommendation for the best martial arts for smaller guys, would be: Muay Thai Boxing One of the first questions you should ask yourself is ‘why you want to …

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