Can isometrics be done daily?

It depends on the type of isometric as to whether it can be performed on a daily basis.  Overcoming isometrics don’t overtax the nervous system and don’t break down the muscle fibers sufficiently to warrant having to take a recovery day.  Yielding isometrics can progress into an eccentric repetition which does break down the muscle, …

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What are Muay Thai ropes?

Muay Thai ropes are actually called “Kard Chuek” in Muay Boran and are traditionally made from hemp.  They are wrapped around the hands, wrist and forearms not only to protect them from impact when blocking strikes but also to inflict damage on the opponent. When the rope is wrapped tightly, the hand is compressed into …

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Is Kung Fu Karate?

Kung Fu is not the same as Karate. Karate actually developed from and was heavily influenced by Kung Fu. Whilst Karate remains very much a different martial art to kung fu, there are similarities which reveal its roots. Similarities Karate (Goju Ryu) Kung Fu Close Quarter Training Kakate Sticky Hands Use of Kata as a …

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