how to hang a heavy bag

How to hang a heavy bag

A heavy bag makes an ideal addition to a home gym.  It’s a valuable tool to develop full body explosive speed and power, hand-eye coordination, and stamina, as well as being an easy way to let off steam after a hard day’s work. Heavy bag work forms a major component of a boxer’s training regime …

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Muay Thai vs Karate: which is better?

Muay Thai vs Karate: which is better?

Muay Thai and karate are perhaps two of the most popular striking martial arts both incorporating a comprehensive system of striking techniques.  Both have rich, deep histories and have gained worldwide popularity.  I’ve often wondered what the key differences are between these two styles and which one is better. One of the differences between these …

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What martial arts are in Krav Maga

What Martial Arts are in Krav Maga?

What is Krav Maga self defense? Krav Maga (which translates as “close combat”) was developed by Imi Lichtenfeld in, what was, Czechoslovakia in the 1930s.     This was a tough time for the Jewish community living in pre-World War II Europe who were often subject to anti-semitic attacks.     Imi was highly proficient in boxing …

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how dangerous is kickboxing?

How dangerous is kickboxing?

Kickboxing is tough combat sport which permits the use of kicks and punches.  Unlike Muay Thai, the use of elbows and knees are forbidden.    Bouts usually consist of between  3 and 10 rounds, each lasting 2–3 minutes each, with a 1-minute rest in between rounds.   Fights are either determined by a number of …

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