Hugh Macer

How do you clean MMA headgear?

MMA headgear can be subjected to a lot of abuse.  Not only is it struck, over time, by multiple punches and kicks, but it also has to contend with being bathed in the sweat and perspiration of the wearer.    Many fighters throw their headgear into their gym bag at the end of their training …

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Is headgear bad for sparring?

It may seem surprising but Olympic boxing headgear is no longer compulsory!   Ever since 2016, the boxing headgear rules have been relaxed: boxers fighting in the Olympics are no longer required to wear headgear when competing. According to a boxing headgear study research carried out by the International Boxing Association, referees had to stop …

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Bullworker Iso-Bow Review

The Bullworker Iso-Bow Review

I’m a huge fan of isometrics and have trained in this fashion for several years. For those unfamiliar with this training concept, it involves pushing or pulling against an immovable object.  For instance, imagine standing facing a wall and trying to push the wall away from you for several seconds (like a vertical bench press).  …

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