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Tai Chi vs Karate

Tai Chi vs Karate

I’ve practiced Karate for many years and it was only when a fellow karateka mentioned that he also studied Tai Chi that I wanted to find out about this other martial art.  Tai Chi is performed in what appears to be slow motion as the practitioner gracefully transitions between different techniques and stances.  I thought …

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Is Tai Chi a religion

Is Tai Chi a religion?

Switch onto any documentary about China’s culture and you’re likely to see scenes of parks filled with elderly Chinese residents performing slow, graceful movements in unison.  They are performing an ancient martial art called Tai Chi which consists of highly structured patterns of movement that transition from prescribed stances and positions. There is a huge …

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Is Tai Chi a Form of Kung Fu

Is Tai Chi a form of kung fu?

China is famous for its vast number of fighting styles.  Perhaps two of the best known are Tai Chi and Kung Fu. For me, Tai Chi is typified by scenes of groups of elderly Chinese practising slow graceful movements early in the morning.   Kung fu, on the other hand, consists of acrobatic high kicks and …

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Is Tai Chi A Martial Art

Is Tai Chi a Martial Art?

As the sun rises in China, public parks and playgrounds welcome loads of people who move in graceful unison, flowing from position to position. This mesmerizing dance-like practice is Tai Chi. The ancient art is gradually increasing in popularity for its undoubted mental and physical health benefits.  The various patterns of movements involve punching and …

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how to hang a heavy bag

How to hang a heavy bag

A heavy bag makes an ideal addition to a home gym.  It’s a valuable tool to develop full body explosive speed and power, hand-eye coordination, and stamina, as well as being an easy way to let off steam after a hard day’s work. Heavy bag work forms a major component of a boxer’s training regime …

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best taekwondo schools

10 Best Taekwondo Schools in USA

Martial arts has seen a tremendous boom over the last ten years and it’s no surprise why. The physical component, combined with the mental disciplines and spiritual awareness, has made martial arts a way of life for many. If you’re looking to join in on the action and improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health, …

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