Hugh Macer

Kidney Punch

The Kidney Punch

If you’ve ever been hit in the kidneys, you’ll know that the kidney punch is a brutally effective technique capable of instantly incapacitating your opponent.  It’s also an illegal strike in boxing and one that can be punished by disqualification.  Despite this, some boxers still target this area of the body on their opponent. What …

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Does Wrestling Stunt Your Growth

Does Wrestling Stunt your Growth?

Both doctors and child development experts encourage kids to take up sports. It provides regular exercise, and teaches important values like discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork. Some children may even develop the skill and talent to become professional athletes—opening scholarship opportunities, and thrilling opportunities to earn medals and even money for doing a sport that they …

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best isometric equipment

The best isometric exercise equipment 2022(with pictures)

When I stumbled onto isometrics, I thought the strength results that its practitioners were claiming didn’t seem real.  It was only when I started practicing consistently with this technique that I started seeing significant results.  My training improved further after I started to use an isometric exercise device designed for muscle training. If you’ve come …

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can you train judo at home

How to train judo at home

  I’ve been practicing Judo (“the gentle way”) for a while now.  It’s an amazing sport.   Judo has its roots in the Japanese art of Jujitsu, the battlefield art of the Samurai.  It was Dr. Jigoro Kano (The Father of Judo) who, in 1882, removed the more deadly movements  of the Samurai fighting style …

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