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The best isometric exercise equipment 2023(with pictures)

When I stumbled onto isometrics, I thought the strength results that its practitioners were claiming didn’t seem real.  It was only when I started practicing consistently with this technique that I started seeing significant results.  My training improved further after I started to use an isometric exercise device designed for muscle training. If you’ve come …

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Bullworker Iso-Bow Review

The Bullworker Iso-Bow Review

I’m a huge fan of isometrics and have trained in this fashion for several years. For those unfamiliar with this training concept, it involves pushing or pulling against an immovable object.  For instance, imagine standing facing a wall and trying to push the wall away from you for several seconds (like a vertical bench press).  …

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isometric exercise equipment

Isometrics build muscle fast!!

I stumbled onto isometric training purely by accident.  I’m primarily a martial artist and was looking at ways of increasing my strength so that I could dominate larger opponents.  I had tried various exercises involving barbells and dumbbells. However, despite numerous months of training, I felt my grappling strength hadn’t necessarily increased.  It was after …

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