Does getting punched build muscle?

The ability to withstand strikes in the midsection is mandatory for every fighter. And the best way to train your endurance is by getting hit again and again. However, contrary to popular belief, getting punched does not result in muscle growth. The strong contraction of the abdominal muscles just before receiving the punch or kick, …

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Are chest expanders effective?

Chest expanders are a highly effective piece of exercise equipment that were regularly used by bronze era bodybuilders during the early 20th Century to sculpt large, highly defined musculature.   This is Fred Rollon, a strongman from around the early 20th Century.  He was often referred to as “The “Human Anatomy Chart”.  Bearing in mind this …

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Will a Bullworker build muscle?

Yes, the Bullworker will build muscle.  It incorporates the principles of isometric training – a highly effective and efficient system of building both strength and muscle mass. The Bullworker (link to Amazon) was developed in the 1960s by a Gert F. Kölbel.  It consists of two tubes of metal that slide one inside the other.  …

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