Kidney Punch

The Kidney Punch

If you’ve ever been hit in the kidneys, you’ll know that the kidney punch is a brutally effective technique capable of instantly incapacitating your opponent.  It’s also an illegal strike in boxing and one that can be punished by disqualification.  Despite this, some boxers still target this area of the body on their opponent. What …

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do boxers lift weights?

Do boxers lift weights?

Whenever I watch a boxing match, I’m always amazed at the physical conditioning of the fighters.  They’re invariably lean and muscular and therefore I’ve always assumed that they lifted weights in order to get to this level of conditioning. Weight lifting consistently over a period of time causes the muscles to undergo physical changes whereby …

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Is boxing a martial art?

Is Boxing a Martial Art?

Boxing is an extremely popular activity across the world and is practised by hundreds of thousands of participants both by those that actively want to spar against an opponent and by individuals who simply want to lose weight and stay in shape. It’s been around for thousands of years and in modern times, can be …

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