What is the importance of shadowboxing?

Shadowboxing is a form of physical and mental exercise that involves a solo performer throwing imaginary punches and performing various defensive movements in the air. It’s a crucial component of training for fighters, martial artists, and athletes who participate in combat sports. Shadowboxing is performed without any physical contact, making it an excellent way to …

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Does getting punched build muscle?

The ability to withstand strikes in the midsection is mandatory for every fighter. And the best way to train your endurance is by getting hit again and again. However, contrary to popular belief, getting punched does not result in muscle growth. The strong contraction of the abdominal muscles just before receiving the punch or kick, …

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What is Slap Boxing?

Slap boxing is a really good training technique for improving various elements of your fighting game:  It will give you a feeling for range;  improve your reaction speed and timing, and develop your footwork. It involves two fighters sparring against each other using open handed strikes instead of punching with clenched fists.  Essentially it’s a …

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