Develop Awesome Striking Power with the Best Muay Thai Pads

Muay Thai is known for its brutal punches and devasting kicks. To be a successful Muay Thai fighter requires years of practice and dedication. Muay Thai pads are an essential training tool which allow the student to perfect their technique against a moving target whilst also offering adequate protection to their training partner. Hopefully this article will help you find the best Muay Thai pads available at a price you can afford.


What are Muay Thai Pads?

They come in a variety of sizes and shapes but broadly speaking they are rectangular pads that the training partner holds using a hand grip on the back; forearm straps help to further secure the pad into positon. This design enables the training partner to change the position of their arms to enable the fighter to practice all manner of strikes and kicks. It’s this versatility that makes them such an effective training tool.

What to look for in the best Muay Thai Pads?

Some of the best Muay Thai Pads on the market are curved in shape. This allows the fighter to properly land the strike and achieve impact and penetration. The danger with a flat design is that strikes can ‘glance’ or ‘skim’ off at an angle. The curved design provides for a much more realistic fighting experience.

The padding should be suitably thick and robust in order to protect the training partner’s forearms. It’s no good if their arms end up bruised and damaged following a brief training session!

The thickness of the pad will also influence its weight. Unless you’re training with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the training partner will tire before the fighter, if the pad is too heavy.

Consideration should be given to what the actual pad is made of. Top of the range pads will be made of leather. Whilst being more expensive, this material will survive many years of abuse provided that it is properly looked after.
Cheaper pads will be made of a vinyl type of material. This can be fairly hardwearing but, like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Given it’s their national sport, some of the best Muay Thai pads are made in Thailand. Pads made China might be of lesser quality.

Selecting the Size

Muay Thai Pads come in a variety of sizes, typically ranging from small to extra large. The small size is generally geared for women and children. Larger framed, male adults may want to consider some of the larger sizes.

Typically the straps on the back of the pads are adjustable enabling a good fit.

When to Replace your Muay Thai Pads

Unfortunately, even the best Muay Thai pads will wear out eventually. This is obviously affected by the amount of use they get but aspects like the temperate and humidity will also determine their lifespan.

One of the first signs that they need to be replaced is when the training partner notices that they can more readily feel the shock of the strikes on their forearms. This is a sure sign that the padding is beginning to become less effective. Eventually the stitching of the pad may also deteriorate at which point it’s time to throw them out.

The Best Muay Thai Pads on the Market

Outlined below is an overview of the best Muay Thai Pads around:

Fairtex KPLC Curved Pads

* Curved, leather construction
* Extremely well made and durable
* Made by one of the top brands. Made in Thailand.
* Extra padding in straps for comfort
* Quite expensive
* Can take time to break in
RDX MMA Strike Shield

* Gel integrated thick foam enables superb shock absorption
* Lightweight, robust construction
* Made of leather, beautifully stitched.
* May take a little while to break in
* Some might consider the pads too narrow
Sanabul Battle Forged Pads

* Lightweight - each pad only weighs 1.5 pounds
* Leather construction with secure velcro closure system
* Large front striking area - 15" x 7.5"
* May not offer sufficient protection against extremely heavy kickers

Muay Thai Pads in Action

Check out this footage to see the Muay Thai pads in action!


Happy training!