My thoughts on the best boxing hand wraps for beginners

As a boxer, it’s important to take measures to look after and protect your hands.  A careless mishit on a heavy bag or opponent can result in a sprained wrist or, even worse, a fracture.  This is not only painful but can also prevent you from training, often for many months.  Boxing gloves do provide some protection but the force of the blow is still transmitted into the hand itself.  Hand wraps are worn beneath the boxing glove, and bind the fingers and bones of the hand into a tight unit.  This allows the impact force to be distributed evenly across the entire hand and prevents it from being localised into a single area, which can result in damage being caused.   This article will talk through the best boxing hand wraps on the market.

The Best Boxing Hand Wraps

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Choice of Boxing Hand Wraps


The traditional style of hand wrap is made from a tight cotton weave.  This type of wrap does not stretch and so it’s easy to end up over-tightening the hand making it very uncomfortable.


This is made from a stretchy fabric making a comfortable fit easy to achieve.  It still acts to compress the hand reducing the chance of injury.  The best boxing hand wraps tend to be made of this type of material.


In professional fights, boxers bind their hands using gauze held in place by layers of tape.  It takes considerable skill to properly wrap your hands in this manner and for most training sessions is simply not necessary.

Length of Boxing Hand Wrap

There are a variety of lengths available and the best boxing hand wraps tend to be of a longer length, usually 180″,  as it enables the hand to be wrapped in areas where it is needed the most.  For instance, an individual with weaker wrists might wrap this area a few more times to ensure adequate support; a longer wrap allows this flexibility.  The boxing hand wraps are held securely in place with velcro tabs.

How to put on Boxing Hand Wraps

Putting on boxing hand wraps can be a little tricky at first.  This video provides an overview of process if you have a trainer or partner:

This video highlights how to put on boxing hand wraps if you’re training alone:

How to look after your Boxing Hand Wraps

Best Boxing Hand Wraps

In order to look after your boxing hand wraps, you need to ensure they are regularly washed.  Boxing is a very physical exercise and before too long, the build up of sweat on your hand wraps will become a breeding ground for bacteria.  If you’re not careful, your hand wraps will begin to emit a nasty smell.

You can avoid this by using a hand wrap wash bag.


Best Boxing Hand Wraps


Once washed and dried, you can easily roll your wraps using a portable hand wrap roller.  This will fit into your gym bag and, at the end of your training session, you can roll your wraps in a matter of seconds.


Happy training!