Are Taekwondo and Karate the same?

Taekwondo and Karate, two of the most well-known martial arts in the world, share many striking similarities but differ in key aspects. Both stem from traditional Asian fighting techniques and are known for their quick, powerful strikes and high-flying kicks. But despite these commonalities, Taekwondo and Karate are not one and the same. In this …

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Why Shotokan Karate is bad

Shotokan Karate is bad for a number of reasons: it’s non-contact which actually damages your fighting ability, techniques aren’t tested and are not realistic, there are no dirty fighting techniques, and there is limited physical conditioning. Non contact  Shotokan karate is a non-contact sport.   The idea is that the practitioner has such control and …

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Is Karate a Sport?

Karate meets all the various points detailed in the dictionary definition of a sport:  it’s a “game, competition, or activity”; it involves “physical effort and skill”;  it’s “played or done according to rules”, and it’s performed for “enjoyment”.  In 2020, Karate made is debut in the Olympic games. I’ve practiced Karate for a number of …

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What is Shotokai Karate

What is Shotokai Karate?

Shotokai is the name of the association formed by Gichin Funakoshi “the father of modern karate” in 1935 and has since become a style of karate whose practitioners believe accurately reflects the teachings of Master Funakoshi.  This move to a formal style of karate was solidified in 1956 when Genshin Hironishi became the President of …

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Muay Thai vs Karate: which is better?

Muay Thai vs Karate: which is better?

Muay Thai and karate are perhaps two of the most popular striking martial arts both incorporating a comprehensive system of striking techniques.  Both have rich, deep histories and have gained worldwide popularity.  I’ve often wondered what the key differences are between these two styles and which one is better. One of the differences between these …

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is karate chinese or japanese

Is Karate Chinese or Japanese?

What is Karate? Karate is a martial art consisting of hand and foot strikes, as well as open hand offensive techniques. It is considered a ‘hard’ martial art, where attacks are defended directly and forcefully.   It is practised by 100 million people on five continents and 192 countries. Today, it’s a worldwide martial art, but …

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