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is kickboxing an olympic sport

Is kickboxing an Olympic sport?

Kickboxing is a Western fighting sport consisting of punches and kicks.  It can be practised on a recreational or competitive basis.   Kickboxing is not currently an Olympic sport, unlike a number of other martial arts.  It has, however, received International Sports Federation (IF) status, which is the first step towards becoming an official Olympic …

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is karate chinese or japanese

Is Karate Chinese or Japanese?

What is Karate? Karate is a martial art consisting of hand and foot strikes, as well as open hand offensive techniques. It is considered a ‘hard’ martial art, where attacks are defended directly and forcefully.   It is practised by 100 million people on five continents and 192 countries. Today, it’s a worldwide martial art, but …

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What is a Shinobi?

What is a Shinobi?

  Shinobi. Anyone that has played a video game, watched a martial arts movie, or anime has either heard this term or the more used slang term ninja. Though not many really know that  the true origins of the Shinobi was born from chaos and the shadows during a very turbulent time in Japan’s history. …

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Do professional boxers wear headgear?

Do professional boxers wear headgear?

Professional boxers don’t wear headgear and it’s unlikely they ever will.    There are a number of reasons for this: Potential Decline in Viewing Figures Professional fights are often shown on a pay per view basis and that, together with advertising revenue, is how the sport is funded. Boxing promoters and fight organisers are very reluctant …

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how long is a boxing round

How long is a boxing round?

Boxing didn’t start out as the highly regulated sport that it is today.   Originally it was two opponents punching it out with bare knuckles and there was no limit on the number of rounds the contenders had to endure.  The fight continued until either one of the fighters was either knocked out or had …

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Does headgear prevent brain damage?

Often boxers, MMA and Muay Thai fighters will wear headgear when fighting and sparring in the gym.    Does headgear prevent knockouts? The headgear used in these fighting sports that is essentially a padded, close fitting helmet that surrounds the head at forehead height, as well as extending down to cover the ears.  It primarily …

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How do you clean MMA headgear?

MMA headgear can be subjected to a lot of abuse.  Not only is it struck, over time, by multiple punches and kicks, but it also has to contend with being bathed in the sweat and perspiration of the wearer.    Many fighters throw their headgear into their gym bag at the end of their training …

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Is headgear bad for sparring?

It may seem surprising but Olympic boxing headgear is no longer compulsory!   Ever since 2016, the boxing headgear rules have been relaxed: boxers fighting in the Olympics are no longer required to wear headgear when competing. According to a boxing headgear study research carried out by the International Boxing Association, referees had to stop …

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