Month: September 2021

What is Shotokai Karate

What is Shotokai Karate?

Shotokai is the name of the association formed by Gichin Funakoshi “the father of modern karate” in 1935 and has since become a style of karate whose practitioners believe accurately reflects the teachings of Master Funakoshi.  This move to a formal style of karate was solidified in 1956 when Genshin Hironishi became the President of …

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Jeet Kune Do vs Krav Maga

Jeet Kune Do vs Krav Maga

Perhaps the most famous martial artist of all time was Bruce Lee.   A skilled martial artist, an instructor, and movie star, perhaps his most significant contribution was Jeet Kune Do (‘Way of the Intercepting Fist’). This recommended the incorporation of techniques from other martial arts into a fighter’s repertoire.  Another martial art that also …

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What is the purpose of Tai Chi

What is the purpose of Tai Chi?

When I think of Tai Chi, I typically think of elderly Chinese practicing slow graceful movements in a park as the sun rises.  However, Tai Chi has now gained worldwide popularity and is performed by people of all ages.  I’ve often looked at the slow graceful movements that make up this art and have wondered …

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Tai Chi vs Karate

Tai Chi vs Karate

I’ve practiced Karate for many years and it was only when a fellow karateka mentioned that he also studied Tai Chi that I wanted to find out about this other martial art.  Tai Chi is performed in what appears to be slow motion as the practitioner gracefully transitions between different techniques and stances.  I thought …

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Is Tai Chi a religion

Is Tai Chi a religion?

Switch onto any documentary about China’s culture and you’re likely to see scenes of parks filled with elderly Chinese residents performing slow, graceful movements in unison.  They are performing an ancient martial art called Tai Chi which consists of highly structured patterns of movement that transition from prescribed stances and positions. There is a huge …

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Is Tai Chi a Form of Kung Fu

Is Tai Chi a form of kung fu?

China is famous for its vast number of fighting styles.  Perhaps two of the best known are Tai Chi and Kung Fu. For me, Tai Chi is typified by scenes of groups of elderly Chinese practising slow graceful movements early in the morning.   Kung fu, on the other hand, consists of acrobatic high kicks and …

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