How often do you workout with a Bullworker?

You can train the same muscle with a Bullworker 3 to 4 times a week.  For instance, when training the chest muscles, you could train them on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  The days in between would be considered rest days.  You can train other muscle groups on these rest days meaning you could train every day with a Bullworker.

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Rest days are particularly important. When muscles have been worked and fatigued they need time to rest and recover.  It’s during this recovery phase that muscle fibers repair themselves.

During vigorous exercise, muscle is actually damaged and microscopic tears are formed in the fibers themselves.  The body repairs itself whilst you rest.  

During the recovery phase the body doesn’t just repair the tears but it also ‘super-compensates’ and lays down more cellular structures than are needed.  

It’s in this way that the muscles get larger and stronger so whilst it’s tempting to want to train a muscle every day, you need to allow time for the body to do it’s magic.

However, there is a way which will allow you to workout with a Bullworker (link to Amazon) everyday.  You can simply train different muscle groups on different days.

For instance, you can train your back on one day, followed by your chest muscles on the next, alternating between the two.  This would allow you you to train with the Bullworker every day.

In many ways this is a better way to train.

It’s much easier to get into a habit if you’re doing it consitently every day.  If you repeat something every day for 21 days then you develop a habit.  It could be a good habit, like exercising, or a bad habit, like eating a donut each day on the way from work.

By training with a Bullworker every day, it gets you into the healthy habit of exercising consistently.

It’s also more beneficial since each exercise session will be much shorter. 

One of the reasons many people quit exercising is because they look forward to the long, tiring exercise sessions with dread.  If you know you could be finished working out with a Bullworker in under 20 minutes per day it’s much more likely that you’ll continue.

It’s also better as you can really focus on the muscles being worked.   

For instrance, when I train my back, I like to move from one group of muscles to the next.  I’ll start with my traps, before moving onto my lats, then the middle of back and lastly I’ll try to fatique the entire back unit with deadlift type movements with the Bullwoker.

The beauty of the Bullwoker is that you can feel which muscle group your training by the degree of tension you experience.  With some light tension on the handles or the cords, you can move the Bullworker into position until you can really feel it working on the desired muscle group.

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