Month: November 2021

Are there female Shaolin monks?

The answer to the question are there female Shaolin monks is not a simple yes or no. Just like in any other religion, Buddhism separates men and women and each has separate places of worship. The world-famous Shaolin temple located in the Henan province in China is a male monastery;  women are not allowed in …

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What is Slap Boxing?

Slap boxing is a really good training technique for improving various elements of your fighting game:  It will give you a feeling for range;  improve your reaction speed and timing, and develop your footwork. It involves two fighters sparring against each other using open handed strikes instead of punching with clenched fists.  Essentially it’s a …

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Is Kung Fu Karate?

Kung Fu is not the same as Karate. Karate actually developed from and was heavily influenced by Kung Fu. Whilst Karate remains very much a different martial art to kung fu, there are similarities which reveal its roots. Similarities Karate (Goju Ryu) Kung Fu Close Quarter Training Kakate Sticky Hands Use of Kata as a …

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