Month: November 2020

Does Wrestling Stunt Your Growth

Does Wrestling Stunt your Growth?

Both doctors and child development experts encourage kids to take up sports. It provides regular exercise, and teaches important values like discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork. Some children may even develop the skill and talent to become professional athletes—opening scholarship opportunities, and thrilling opportunities to earn medals and even money for doing a sport that they …

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do boxers lift weights?

Do boxers lift weights?

Whenever I watch a boxing match, I’m always amazed at the physical conditioning of the fighters.  They’re invariably lean and muscular and therefore I’ve always assumed that they lifted weights in order to get to this level of conditioning. Weight lifting consistently over a period of time causes the muscles to undergo physical changes whereby …

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Is boxing a martial art?

Is Boxing a Martial Art?

Boxing is an extremely popular activity across the world and is practised by hundreds of thousands of participants both by those that actively want to spar against an opponent and by individuals who simply want to lose weight and stay in shape. It’s been around for thousands of years and in modern times, can be …

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portable punch bag

The Best Portable Punching Bag

Using a heavy punching bag as part of your workout routine brings a number of benefits.  It develops strength and explosive power in your upper torso, builds cardio-vascular endurance and improves hand-eye coordination.     It can also bring improvements to your mental health.  I know that whenever I’m feeling frustrated or annoyed by something, a …

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human shaped punch bags

The best human shaped punch bags!

An intense session on a heavy bag provides an excellent work out.  It burns calories, develops strength and coordination, as well being a superb stress reliever.   I know that after a training session on a heavy bag, I’m usually breathing heavily and dripping in sweat.  Whilst I’m tired from exercising intensely, I actually feel …

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